Campus Blåsenhus, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
The BONUS MIRACLE team of researchers from Sweden, Latvia, Poland, Germany, and Denmark cordially invites you to a Governance Learning Workshop with the aim to enable co-learning to bring about desirable changes in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) water governance domain. The workshop will address the following key question:
What can be done at the Baltic Sea Regional level to enable more effective water governance at the local level?
The workshop will build on lessons from joint learning processes in four case areas in the BSR which have served as forums to support dialogue between researchers and stakeholders who have strong stakes and expertise within water governance. Lessons from the cases have been discussed within and between the four areas in terms of the degree to which the local development options (pathways), identified in consultation with stakeholders, can support a transformation that more systemically and adaptively addresses the multiple demands manifest in case contexts. The intention of this workshop is to support deliberations over the relevance of the proposed local development options in terms of 1) reducing nutrient emissions to the Baltic Sea and; 2) how existing and new regional governance configurations can be adapted and enacted to support the orchestration of local development initiatives that foster multiple benefits in local contexts.
In the workshop, findings from the MIRACLE project will be used as a starting point for interactive sessions that enable co-learning and are focused on the following issues:

• Almost two decades have passed since the adoption of the WFD; are its ambitions towards inclusive multiple-benefit river management frameworks making headway?
• Is the nutrient-centric focus of current policy frameworks in the BSR an obstacle or an asset to effective water governance in a changing climate?
• What types of governance reforms are needed at the EU and national level to support local aspirations which prioritise on landscape measures with multiple benefits?

Preliminary Programme

28 November 2017
09:30 Arrival and registration
10:00 Welcome and opening of the workshop
10:20 Keynote speeches: Challenges and opportunities in the Baltic Sea Region water governance
11:00 Changing world and Baltic Sea Region: what can we say about the 2050s?
11:30 Key insights on water governance from the case areas
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Moving from the local to the regional context – What are the implications for regional policy?
14:00 Coffee break
14:30 Mapping towards actions for effective water governance in the Baltic Sea Region
15:30 Closing remarks
16:00 End of the workshop

29 November 2017

8.30 Internal meeting with Advisory Group
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 Closing session with Advisory Group
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Individual departures

For registration complete the Registration Form not later than November 10th, 2017

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