Do I need to complete all the modules in this course?

The Course is structured in such a comprehensive way, that missing one or two modules would not allow the completion to the required level of theoretical and practical understanding. Therefore, the participation in all modules is obligatory.

Do you offer a Statement of Accomplishment for completing the course?

The course is structured to provide one levels of accomplishment: All the students who completed the 7-days course, passed the written examination and delivered acceptable report from a case area workshop or equivalent assignment will receive a Statement of Accomplishment: Baltic Innovative Governance Approaches to Catchment Water Quality in a Changing Climate

Do I need to buy a textbook?

This course is completely free. Links to download all the necessary course materials and tools will be provided within each unit.

Do I need to book an accommodation in Kristianstad ?

This course is completely free. However traveling costs to Kristianstad and accommodation costs in Kristianstad need to be covered by the participants. The organizers will offer a set of places pre-booked for the PhD course. However each participant may choose her/his own accommodation.