MIRACLE ! First set of workshops with stakeholders implemented.

On September 7th and 9th, researchers within the MIRACLE project met with stakeholders from the catchments Helge å, Sweden, and Reda river, Poland, in the first of a series of workshops forming the back-bone of the project´s Social Learning process. Together we discussed the most urgent issues to deal with in the respective catchments, and also hinders for implementing what different persons consider effective measures to deal with identified problems. We also scrutinized current data sets to be used for hydro-chemical modeling, and identified a few needs for more updated and/or detailed data before running the planned scenario modeling. The two workshops provided a lot of insights regarding the environmental situation, problem perceptions and management reality of different stakeholders in the catchments, and some shared views of what the MIRACLE project can contribute. This forms a good basis for the next step in our process towards identifying new governance approaches to deal with nutrient enrichment and flood risk management in the Baltic Sea Region. Similar workshops were run in Selke river, Germany, and Berze river, Latvia  in September 22nd and 25th.

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