PhD course on HYPE modelling

HYPE PhD course

In July, BONUS Miracle organized a two days internal workshop in Kraków on the use of the HYPE model. As a follow up, all PhD students in the project as well as PhD students from other universities around the Baltic Sea were invited to participate in a PhD course on the same topic on September 24-25th 2015. The course was focused on the use of HYPE for modelling nutrient transport, and was organized as part of a course within the HYPE Open Source Community at SMHI in Norrköping, Sweden. The seven participants in the PhD course were offered two intensive days with lectures and modelling exercises led by the MIRACLE partner René Capell and his colleagues at SMHI. The learning process was subsequently continued at the mother institutions, as the PhD students were asked to hand in a discussion of steps and decisions taken when calibrating the model for a new data set. They were also asked to reflect over the general model structure versus other hydrochemical catchment model(s).

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