Helge å river basin (river mouth 55°51’27.835”N 14°14’16.113”E), drains to the Hanö Bay in Sweden

Character Description
Largest urban area Kristianstad
Area   4 725 km²
Inhabitants and administrative organization 131 000 inh. (97% in urban areas). Three counties and 14 local districts
Land use 65% forest, 15% cropland, 7 % grazing land, 2 % urban area
Identified water quality problems (nutrients ) according to WF Directive Eutrophication of surface water (both N and P), including both streams and lakes. Some waters have problem with heavy metals (mercury).
Known flooding problems Flooding is a problem in both rural and urban areas. Kristianstad is the most flood prone town in Sweden due to natural and historical reasons; some part of the town is almost 2.5 m below sea level.  The city is continuously working with strategies to prevent flood, mainly with structural measures (e.g. embankments).
Other issues to include in win-win dialogues Strong focus on protection of ecological values in the lower part of the basin; some of that part is a UNESCO Biosphere reserve. Flooded grasslands may both generate buffer zones for flood and nutrient leaching prevention, and provide new habitats for bird conservation.
Center map